Sunday, December 24, 2006

Evo 9 GSR on ATP 3071R

The owner of this Evo 9 GSR (with just 3000 km on the odometer!) used to own a heavily modded S15 with more than 500 whp and so had a very good idea of what he wanted out of this car. It had to be quick enough to get from A to B but practical enough to be used on a daily basis.

A suggestion was made to reprogram the factory ECU which was met with initial skepticism, but quickly gained favor when it was proven that it had no problems with controlling larger injectors and was able to maintain drivability with no stalling or hunting at idle. Factory knock control is retained, ensuring a balance between engine longevity and performance.

  1. "Off-road use only" exhaust

  2. 800cc injectors

  3. ATP3071R

  4. 1.6 bar boost with Blitz i-Color boost controller

  5. 98 RON octane

  6. Standard ECU, reprogrammed

Both runs were in 3rd gear, using an ambient temperature of 27 degC, relative humidity of 84% and atmospheric pressure at 100 kPa. SAE correction was applied.

Vehicle weight entered was 1555 kg inclusive of driver and full tank of gas, although a different vehicle with driver was weighed to be about 1620 kg (!) Actual shipping records reveal that the Evo is also around the 1.5 metric ton region, contrary to the declared "1420 kg" curb weight published in Mitsubishi's marketing material and workshop manuals.

Drag coefficient of 0.38, frontal area of 23.38 square feet.

ATP's own dyno data for a USDM Evo 8.

Peak HP and peak torque are practically identical to the ATP data, although the comparison vehicle has more torque earlier in the rev range. Could it be due to differences in gearing, causing the load to ramp up earlier on the ATP vehicle?

Monday, December 11, 2006

NBA 2K7 for Xbox 360

Pretty animations... could've sworn it's real live footage.

Myers-Briggs Personality Test

E=2 Extraversion
I=9 Introversion
S=11 Sensing
N=9 iNtuition
T=14 Thinking
F=5 Feeling
J=8 Judging
P=11 Perceiving
You are an ISTP

ISTP - Police, detectives, forensic pathologists, computer programmers, system analysts, computer specialists, engineers, carpenters, mechanics, pilots, drivers, athletes, entrepreneurs, firefighters, paramedics, construction workers, dental hygienists, electrical engineers, farmers, military, probation officers, steelworkers, transportation operatives, hitmen. With the ability to stay calm under pressure, they excel in any job which requires immediate action.

Interesting... I have held some of these positions in my work history. "Hitman" sounds the sexiest though.

Myers-Briggs Personality Test