Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flaming Lamborghinis (not the drink)

Recent Top Gear episode was poking fun about Lambos catching fire, which I noticed as well. I don't think it's coincidence when cars from one make consistently catch fire and have their pics posted on the web, despite accusations of schadenfreude etc. It's like Qantas repeatedly having "incidents" which do not obey the Law of Averages i.e. statistical anomaly, hinting to a deeper problem.

Anyway was going through a Lambo forum and happened to read about an owner who saw smoke coming out from the engine bay area. Registration required so I copy-pasted the relevant post of the diagnosis:

My engine smoked once when my E Gear fluid burped a bit on my manifold.

This happend at a hill climb event and I had just parked and walked away and over the PA a voice said "would the owner of the yellow Lamborghini please return to the car as smoke is comming from the engine" When I got back about 50 people were standing next to it expecting to see a bonfire.

I have also had the oil on the manifold thing when trying to top the oil up. Stupid place for the filler on the new lp.Anyway hope your situation turns out OK and is not major.


Got word today from the dealer. Turns out YelloMurci that it is the same problem you had. For some unknown reason the Egear fluid decided to leak onto the manifold. They are going to clean it up and drain a little out, and hopefully that resolves the issue. They also stated that E-Gear fluid is flammable so its a good thing I was close to home and shut it off. I definitely will be keeping a fire extinguisher
in the car from now on just in case. Thanks everyone for your replies and comments

Now the question is: how is this not a class-action lawsuit waiting to happen, considering it is a fire risk?