Monday, December 17, 2007

0 to 160 km/h test

0 to 160 km/h test
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Bought a RaceLogic PerformanceBox recently and have been having some fun with it. It measures vehicle performance using GPS. Overall the hardware is pretty decent, although the software is a little clunky and could be better. For instance, the main icons and menus take up 1/5th of the screen real estate.

Anyway here are some tests done on an full-weight Evo 8. Figures include gear shift times:

130-160 km/h: 2.17s
120-150 km/h: 2.10s
110-140 km/h: 2.3s
100-130 km/h: 2.15s
90-120 km/h: 2.08s
80-110 km/h: 1.92s
70-100 km/h: 1.85s
60-90 km/h: 1.79s
50-80 km/h: 1.80s
40-70 km/h: 1.72s
30-60 km/h: 1.38s
20-50 km/h: 1.33s
10-40 km/h: 1.30s

4th gear:
140-169 km/h: 2.31s
130-160 km/h: 2.15s
120-150 km/h: 2.07s
110-140 km/h: 1.98s
100-130 km/h: 1.96s
90-120 km/h: 2.06s
80-110 km/h: 2.58s

GT35R, no alcohol/nitrous/race gas/water injection, 1.7 bar boost, street tires.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Spam Sieve statistics

Sick of spam? If you're a Mac user, you might want to check out SpamSieve. Have been using it for years, and it's one piece of software I would gladly pay good money for. The author regularly updates the software too. Below are some statistics accumulated since my last reset in 2005.


Filtered Mail
2,351 Good Messages
23,698 Spam Messages (91%)
31 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
15 False Positives
202 False Negatives (93%)
99.2% Correct

571 Good Messages
1,307 Spam Messages (70%)
91,175 Total Words

676 Blocklist Rules
982 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
11/22/05 18:47