Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Moral dilemma

A few days ago, Sam went to a bank to exchange small bills to larger ones. The bank made an error and he received two $1000 bills for $1,100, leading to a windfall of $900. Later in the day the bank realized its mistake and tried to recover the money.

Would you return the money? Would it be legal to keep the money? If the error was $900,000, would you still return it?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Google Trends

Google Trends takes a sample of search terms that are used on Google and some interesting data can be gleaned. Normalizing for population, the following search terms are paired with those where it was most searched i.e. term vs country

1. "macbook air" - Singapore (by far)
2. "edison chen" - Singapore followed by Malaysia then Hong Kong
3. "sex" - India (by a large margin)
4. "drugs" - Philippines
5. "rock n roll" - New Zealand with Australia close
6. "penis enlargement" - South Africa (no comment)
7. "God" - Philippines
8. "richest" - Nigeria (incredibly large margin)
9. "satan" - Turkey
10. "recession" - Singapore
11. Nissan GTR - Australia with New Zealand a close second

Singapore leads in terms like "wealth", "fortune", "dynasty", "Louis Vuitton" and is usually in the top 5 with related terms like "finance", "economy", "stock market", "money laundering" etc.