Saturday, May 05, 2007

SIC Taxi
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It has been 4 years to the day since my car has been registered.

Through this period of time, it has seen me through break-ups, make-ups, good days and bad days.

As hard as I try not to form an emotional bond to a piece of metal, I can't but feel a slight twinge of regret that one day, some day, this beautiful relationship has to come to an end.

But it is not the perfect steed; it drinks gasoline like no tomorrow, and brake pads and rotors are changed on a regular basis. As I'm typing this, the (6th) clutch is starting to slip, and it was installed barely 2 months ago.

But would it have been worth it?

Without a doubt.


-ben said...

You forgot to include the gallons of tears Subaru drivers have shed over it :-P

Anonymous said...

itchy right!!!! lol-ken

zeenie said...

The many worthwhile conversations held in it. =)

Happy 4th!

Grinch said...

I own a 3rd gen Rx-7...nuff said.