Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MINI Habitat Singapore does not perform Preventive Maintenance

Both the driver and passenger sun visor hinges on Eve's R56 MINI were worn and were close to breaking. The passenger-side was replaced under warranty while we were told that that we had to wait for the driver-side to be stocked, which would be outside the warranty period.

When we sent it back for servicing (for a leak from the oil filter), we were told we had to pay for the visor despite being assured that it would've been replaced at no cost to us.

Additionally, they told us that the engine mounts were worn and had to be replaced at about $1000, despite having no prior indication that they were due for replacement.

Download the audio where the service manager states clearly that MINI Habitat does not perform preventive maintenance.

If that does not sound ludicrous to you, then consider the implied message. e.g. if your MINI develops a crack on the windscreen, and as long as you can see through the windscreen and the elements do not hinder your driving, MINI Habitat will not replace it. Or maybe one of the brake rotors develops a severe crack from normal day-to-day driving and they do not replace it because technically it can still perform its function. Until it suffers a catastrophic failure and breaks, sending your car spinning into the armco.

Of course I understand parts exhibit accelerated wear-and-tear from atypical activities like racing, abuse or just plain high mileage. But Eve's car is driven daily on Singapore roads for work purposes. It's not like she's out to win the 24 Hour Le Mans. The other point that I'm unhappy about is that the wear on the engine mounts were undetected since the last servicing, which was about a month prior. Either it wasn't checked then or the wear significantly worsened since that time. Which is the more likely explanation?

My family has 3 Saabs which is also under Trans Eurokar but we've never had any problems with the workshop servicing. So let me make this clear: I'm not bashing Trans Eurokar.

As a customer, I have no complaints about the MINI. In fact I feel the car drives very well and is comfortable enough for long-distance touring. However the after-sales is worse than amateurish. At least with amateurs you're dealing with people who are trying their sincere best to solve your problems.

I will not recommend this car unless you have access to trustworthy professionals who specialize in it.

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zeenie said...

That's really interesting, because i thought that was the case only for italian cars like my previous Fiat (fix it again tony), where you try to be best buds with your mechanic/workshop 'cos you're gonna need them! Shocking to hear about this from mini!